A New Graduate


 Recently one of our members, Ken Zuehlke, graduated from a ten-week guitar class with Guitars for Vets. After graduation, the grads receive a certificate, a new guitar, and several guitar accessories. 

Guitars for Vets says music helps decrease anxiety, increase self-esteem, and reduce episodes of panic attacks, nightmares, and flashbacks. A research study of Guitars 4 Vets students showed a 21% improvement in PTSD symptoms and a 27% decrease in related depression symptoms. The study attributed learning and playing guitar as the primary catalysts for these improvements—and we want to ensure as many vets as possible have that opportunity.


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A Helping Hand

One of our newer members, Vandoren Fullard, answered an email blast that offered a free scooter that another member, Ken Zuehlke, was offering to any vet. Vandoren has been having a lot of pain from arthritis in her back and has difficulty walking any distance. 

Post 46 purchased new batteries for the scooter and then Ken and CDR Draper delivered the scooter to a very appreciative young lady. Merry Christmas Vandoren!