Who We Are

American Legion Post 46 was named in memory of Erwin Prieskorn of Ann Arbor, who died of wounds suffered in France in 1918. He was the first Ann Arbor casualty from World War I. The Post was issued a charter on August 25, 1923 and has been serving veterans and active-duty personnel and their dependents and the community continuously for the past 100+ years.

Over those years membership has fluctuated as new members from the conflicts that followed World War I swelled our ranks. Today our roster includes men and women who have served this nation in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, the Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Global War on Terror in addition to some on active duty around the world at this very moment.

Over the years Post 46 had had a great tradition of service and fellowship. Those same attributes continue and I hope they always will.

I was elected commander of this Post in 2019, joining a long line of past commanders who have helped guide the direction of the post and added programs approved by our members. It is a privilege to be associated with and to work with our officers and the executive committee.

Our accomplishments over the past 100+ years have been many, and some of them, notably: the Past Commanders' Dinner a few years ago; the World War II Memorial Prayer Breakfast; the contribution of funds to the VA Medical Center to refurbish the auditorium, contributions to the coffee fund and to patient gift certificate purchases; our contributions to the new Ann Arbor Fisher House construction; the installation of a flagpole and American Flag at Veterans Memorial Park. All these and more.

But many other significant activities took place long ago and form a distinguished part of our history. Our officers and executive committee accordingly asked past Historian Bob Wischmeyer to compile, as best as one can from scattered records and documents, an updated Post history. Copies of the book may still be available. 


Commander Dave Draper

American Legion Erwin Prieskorn Post 46