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Robert Warner

Petty Officer First Class, U.S. Navy

1982- 1990


I attended Jackson High School in Jackson, Michigan and then Michigan Technological University for Chemical Engineering. I ran out of money to finish school so I joined the U.S. Navy, trying for an AFROTC scholarship. I asked to take the Nuclear Field Qualification Test. I was allowed to take the test and scored 72 out of 80. I volunteered for Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program and was accepted for submarine duty.

My Basic training was in Orlando, Florida (tried to request ET but got EM instead) for 6.8 weeks. I completed my training early, prior to Thanksgiving. Basic Electricity and Electronics training was in Orlando also.  Electrician's Mate (EM) A School in Jan-Feb (at the time was friken' coldest winter on record) at Great Lakes Naval Base. Because I went through school too quickly, BEEP school sent me to fleet before Nuclear Power School.

I was assigned to the USS Boulder LST 1190 in 1982 for 4 months. I Qualified as Swicthgear operator and got NEC for that though I was removed when I went to Nuke School in  Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for REFTRA in 1982. I then went to Naval Nuclear Power school, class 8206 section 5, in Orlando, Florida for 6 months (1982 to 1983). I then went to Naval Nuclear Prototype school in Idaho Falls, Idaho for 5 months in 1983. Next I was assigned to NR-1 US Navy Deep Submergence Vessel Groton CN and qualified for engineroom roving watch. I served for 9 months (1983 to 1984). My next assignment was aboard the USS Buffalo SSN-715 based out of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

I entered as E-4 and left as E-6 (took Chief's test twice before EAOS)

During my service:
        Served 6 years  4 months, (yes I reenlisted and stayed on boat @ 2yr/ 9 month/ 15 day point in Navy)
        1984 to 1990 (reenlisted once)
        Qualified Submarines, 1985
        Shutdown Electrical Operator, 1984
        Auxiliary Electrician Aft, 1984
        Throttleman, 1984
        Electrical Operator, 1984
        Shutdown Reactor Operator, 1985
        Engineering Duty Petty Officer, 1988, requires CO Examination
        Engineering Watch Supervisor, 1988, requires CO Examination
        Served as Electrical Division Leading Petty Officer for about 6 months during transition to new LPO 190-
               as Ship's Structure-borne Sound Analysis Petty Officer, monitored Pumps and Motors on boat for noise profiles, 1985 1988
               as E-Division 3M Petty Officer (Maintenance Material & Management), 1988 1990
               as Engineering Department 3M Petty Officer, 1989 1990
               as Assistant Ship's 3M Petty Officer, responsible to XO and CO directly, 1989 1990
        Received various medals, awards and ribbons while on Buffalo:
               Submarine Service Medal (Personal Medal) 1985
               2 Good Conduct Medals (Personal Medal)
               Naval Expeditionary Medal (Ship Medal) 1985 1989
               Navy Unit Commendation (aka NUC) (Ship Ribbon, almost a PUC) 1989
               3 Consecutive Battle E Ribbons, from Submarine Squadron One (Ship Ribbon) 1987, 1988, 1989
               3 Consecutive Sea Service Ribbons, For 3 consecutive Western Pacific Deployments 1985, 1987, 1989
               Capitan's Letter of Commendation in 1990 For Emergency at Sea Repairs of Ships Service Motor Generator
               Commander Submarine Pacific Fleet Letter of Commendation, an Admiral's Letter of Commendation 1990
                    - For the consecutive years on Buffalo, including the 8 Special Operations Buffalo went on.

EAOS 17 Jun 1990, left as EM1/SS NEC3364 8 years 9 months 15 days or 3211 days
NAVY - Never Again Volunteer Yourself, lol, didn't learn very well did I.

(Missed out on Navy Achievement Medal, oh well ... ... shit happens)

Then did 1 year Regular Reserve while in college and 3 years Inactive Ready Reserve.

Went back to college, Western Michigan University, 1990 to 1993,  rcvd bunch of college credit from Naval Nuclear Program.
Received National Academy for Nuclear Training Scholarship, 1992
Received Degree in Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering, GPA 3.69 Graduated Cum Laude
Have worked in Engineering ever since, ;) ... maybe a little before
Received Senior Principal Engineer with Honors from Raytheon this past year, 2017
Married in 1997 for over 20 year ...