Steve Duncan3Steve Duncan

U.S. Army

1965- 1967





I moved from Paducah, Kentucky to Michigan in April of 1965 and started working for Ford Motor in Ypsilanti, Michigan. In June of 1965, I received my draft notice, so I moved back to Paducah to answer my draft and report to the Army. I spent my basic training in Fort Knox, Kentucky with the Armor Recon 11D from August to October of 1965. After Basic, I was originally assigned to the 2nd Div DMZ patrol in South Korea. I was then reassigned to the 7th Division HQC-G3 Maps/Driver. I was sent TDY to South Vietnam where I served from March to August of 1966 on classified missions. I returned to South Korea's 7th Division HQG-3 from August to December of 1966. After a thirty-day leave, I reported to my new assignment at Fort Carson, Colorado where I served from January to June of 1967 at the 5th Division HQ 53 as a clerk. I was discharged in June of 1967.